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Olive Leaf Nasal Spray Review

olive leaf nasal sprayOlive leaf has been used as medicine since ancient times and one of the things it is most well known for is its use as an anti bacterial agent, as well as being an antifungal remedy. Because of these olive leaf extract benefits

5 Most Significant Dried Apricots Health Benefits

dried apricots health benefitsWhile there are mixed feelings about the use of the innards of apricots (their seeds) the fruit when dried is not only a delicious snack, useful for those looking for tasty yet filling options, but also one that can provide body benefits as well.

Coconut Water Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

coconut water dietDiet fads are nothing new and one controversial newcomer is the coconut water diet. Proponents claim that basing your diet off of coconut water benefits such as high potassium, cholesterol benefits and can even help you look and feel younger.

Passion Flower Side Effects – Is There Any Risk Involved?

passion flower side effectsUnfortunately, there are some that think that just because something is natural or herbal that it is safe and free from potentially adverse side effects. Not only is that completely untrue, that sort of thinking can set you up for some potentially dangerous reactions that can really take you by surprise.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea

olive leaf teaByproducts of the olive tree have been celebrated for their culinary and medicinal uses for centuries and are even referenced in the bible with a passage regarding the use of olives for food and the leaves for medicine.

Top 10 Coconut Oil Health Benefits

coconut oil health benefitsCoconut oil shares similar properties to both coconut milk and coconut water benefits, boasting heart, skin and digestive uses. However, coconut oil is very versatile, easily found and easy to incorporate into your everyday dietary routine.

Top 10 Apricot Health Benefits

apricot health benefitsApricots are often considered the forgotten fruit, and while trail masters and casual hikers have enjoyed dried apricots benefits in their bags of trail mix for many years, it’s not always a first choice for the everyday fruit snacker.

Top 10 Passion Flower Benefits For Men and Women

passion flower benefitsMost commonly presented as a vine but also appearing as shrubs and bushes, the beautiful passion flower, a plant species represented by nearly 500 different varieties, has been used since its discovery in a very wide variety of medicinal and health applications. Prized for its beauty

Olive Leaf Extract Candida Treatment Review

olive leaf extract candidaAncient people have been utilizing olive leaf extract benefits for centuries including everything from healing wounds to curing malaria and it’s because of the powerful components found within this special leaf. While there are some concerns about the lack of study involving the holistic remedy

7 Most Interesting Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts

coconut milk nutrition factsCoconut milk is derived from a process of straining a mixture of coconut meat and water. Therefore, the health benefits of the finished product include both coconut water nutrition benefits, as well as those of the oil. It can be used in place of traditional milk products

Apricot Kernels Health Benefits: Battling Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders

apricot kernels health benefitsInterestingly enough, some of the foods we eat everyday and often take for granted can have powerful effects on the body and in some cases, even stave off diseases. Take for instance, the apricot. This tree born yellow orange fruit is most commonly found in bags of trail mix, dried and dishonored.

Health Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss and Blood Cleansing

health benefits of lemon waterIt seems there is never a shortage of quick weight loss diets being glamorized by celebrities and purported fitness experts, and one such new “fad” is detoxification. Supposedly, according to fans of the diet trend, the actual organs in your body that are specifically designed to rid your body of toxins are inadequate,

Benefits of Kava Root Tea For Anxienty and Insomnia

kava root teaAre you looking to relax and unwind and find that your favorite hot, brewed beverages produce the opposite effect? Well, perhaps you need to look at the roots of a perennial plant indigenous to tropical islands like Fiji, Hawaii and Samoa.

Lemon Balm Side Effects – Why The Right Dosage Is Important?

lemon balm side effectsFrom the mint family, lemon balm is a perennial plant with leaves that smell gently of lemon. It grows in the wild and has been used for centuries for various medicinal applications. Lemon balm tea benefits include helping with insomnia and digestive troubles.

Catnip Tea Side Effects

catnip tea side effectsBelieve it or not, catnip is not just for our feline friends. Sure, your four legged kitty companion loves the stuff and can hardly get enough of it, but what about you? And, if you decide that you want to take the catnip plunge and partake in perhaps some catnip tea before bedtime, or, use the byproduct of this perennial plant topically on your skin,

Benefits of Lemon Tea: Detoxifier, Antiseptic and More

benefits of lemon teaTea is quite possibly one of the oldest beverages on Earth. Brewed from tea leaves mixed with various herbs and seasonings, tea is a great hydration option that can help you limit sodas and sugary drinks. But, help with abstinence from no-no beverages is just one of the many benefits of lemon tea,

Top 10 Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

Lemon Balm Tea BenefitsWhen most people think of balm, they think of goo meant to be slathered on the lips, and funnily enough, there may be an interesting relationship between what we know as balm and a plant by a similar name.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits of LemonYou may not even be worried about the health benefits of lemon, and simply enjoy it in your glass of water or as a foundation for fresh lemonade.

Top 5 Kava Kava Benefits

Kava Kava BenefitsFound on the lush and tropical islands of the South Pacific such as Samoa and Tahiti, kava kava root has been used for centuries in both ancient ceremonial traditions and also in various applications for medicinal use.

Catnip Tea Benefits For Stress, Insomnia and Migraine Headaches

Catnip Tea BenefitsWhen we think of catnip, we think of cats. Perennial plant-laced toys, bells and teddies stuffed to the gills with catnip simply for the sheer enjoyment of the gift receiving feline.