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Liver Fibrosis Symptoms and Alcoholism

liver fibrosis symptomsLiver fibrosis is actually more of a result of an underlying liver condition than it is a standalone medical diagnosis. For instance, people experiencing alcoholic fatty liver symptoms may also have fibrosis of the affected organ and those with hepatitis C or cirrhosis may also have liver fibrosis.

Top 10 Foods in Liver Cleansing Diet Plan

liver cleansing dietThe liver is a busy organ. Responsible for filtering blood, producing proteins and bile and metabolizing drugs and detoxifying chemicals, it has a lot of things to do; and, modern society throws it anther monkey wrench by adding additional chores due to diets that consist over processed

Ascending Cholangitis Treatment – What Is Recommended?

ascending cholangitisAscending cholangitis is an infection of the bile duct and is a very serious condition. It’s considered an emergency by medical standards and can be life-threatening. It’s a result of bacteria that migrates from its location in the small intestine and often is caused from an existing bile duct obstruction, the most common cause of which is gallstones.

Liver Infection Symptoms in Men vs Women

liver infection symptomsThe liver is a large, two lobed organ that resides in the abdomen and is a very crucial component of healthy biological functioning. This meaty organ is housed inside the rib cage and it has a lot of jobs and works with quite a few other parts to help along many important body processes.

5 Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms To Watch Out For

liver cirrhosis symptomsCommonly a result of the effects of alcohol abuse but caused by other conditions as well, cirrhosis affects the liver by forming scar tissue which can be destructive and prevent the organ from functioning as it should. While later signs and symptoms in more advanced liver cirrhosis stages are easier to identify

Best Over The Counter Laxatives – Top 5 Choices Recommended!

over the counter laxativesFor the occasional bout of constipation, you have many treatment options at your disposal. Home care is often more than adequate to provide relief for constipation and many people employ a combination method of both dietary adjustments along with over the counter laxatives for fast and gentle relief.

Gastritis in Children Symptoms and Treatment

gastritis in childrenChildren are often afflicted with tummy troubles and figuring out the underlying cause can be somewhat of a nightmare. Sometimes constipation or indigestion is responsible, while other times it might be a virus that is causing your child’s discomfort. Sometimes, the problem is gastritis in children,

Dark Green Diarrhea in Kids vs Adults – Different Causes!

dark green diarrheaYour poop says a lot about you. It’s usually a fairly good indicator of what you’re eating, and if it’s abnormal, it’s also a good way to tell you that you might have caught a bug of some sorts or even had a bout with some questionable take out. The color in particular can be both revealing and unnerving

Top 5 Signs and Symptoms of Constipation in Children

symptoms of constipation in childrenBecause of the varying and often limited diets of children, occasional bowel dysfunction is not uncommon. While an ideal diet for constipation prevention includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and fiber rich grains, it’s not unusual for the often dairy dominated diets of young ones to lack some key components.

Bile Reflux Gastritis Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Bile Reflux GstritisNo reflux is good reflux, but bile reflux gastritis can be much more of a nightmare than it’s similarly named related condition, acid reflux.

Watery Diarrhea Treatment Options

Water Ddiarrhea TreatmentPretty much everyone will run into a case of overzealous poo at one point or another, most a couple of times per year. The majorities are caused by common viruses;

Constipation Home Remedies For Children vs Adults

Constipation Home RemediesOne of the most common gastrointestinal ails; constipation is experienced by just about everyone at some point in their lives.

Gastritis Diet Recommendations – Foods To Eat and Avoid!

Gastritis DietWhen most people think of gastritis, they think that it’s a condition that is characterized by recurrent bouts of flatulence; however it’s actually a condition distinguished by the lining of the stomach becoming inflamed.

Epsom Salt Laxative Review – Safe or Not?

Epsom Salt LaxativeMany people have a container of Epsom salt in their house and literally have no idea what to do with it or why it’s there. Perhaps it was there when they moved in; or, maybe a family member left it there one day. Either way, it sits under the kitchen sink purposeless and unused. However, Epsom salt benefits are nearly endless!

Senna Laxative Dosage – How Much To Take Without Harm?

Senna LaxativeIf you’re feeling backed up, there are few products as effective as senna. In fact, doctors and hospitals sometimes will use a senna laxative to prep surgery patients to effectively clean out the intestines. This fact alone should clue you into how potent of a log unclogger it truly is, however, if you still have doubt,

Top 10 Leading Causes of Constipation

Causes of ConstipationNobody likes to spend any more time than they need to in the bathroom, but for people stuck pondering the causes of constipation while they’re bonding with the loo, it may be an unavoidable fate. Many things that people do during the day can lead to a backed up chute, but there are well known and even surprising common causes of constipation.

Ulcerative Colitis Causes – Heredity or Immune System Response?

Ulcerative Colitis CausesThe lining of the large intestine is the targeted body part of ulcerative colitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of this critical digestive system component. While the full spectrum of ulcerative colitis causes is wholly unknown, there are some suggestive insights into potential sources of this form of chronic colitis.

Lymphocytic Colitis Diet Restrictions – Which Foods To Avoid?

Lymphocytic Colitis DietFrequent diarrhea is the primary symptom of lymphocytic colitis, and given that it’s one of the most dreaded digestive tract symptoms imaginable, lifestyle and dietary changes are often more than welcomed if able to prevent and reduce this bowel drama. While medication is often employed to treat microscopic colitis

Collagenous Colitis Diet Plan – Which Foods to Include?

Collagenous Colitis DietExcessive diarrhea is characteristic of collagenous colitis, or inflammation of the colon. While frequent trips to the bathroom are inconvenient and unappealing, thankfully this ailment is often easily remedied with medication and diet and lifestyle changes. Sufferers of chronic colitis will be told about plenty of things not to include in a collagenous colitis diet,

C.diff Colitis Treatment Guidelines

C.diff Colitis TreatmentC. diff colitis is a common occurrence in hospitals and nursing homes. In fact, you have almost a 10% chance of ending up with it if you are in the hospital for 2 days or more. C Diff bacteria hangs out on everything, and a variant is even caused by antibiotics overuse. This infectious colitis can be difficult to treat and can sometimes be recurrent.