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Best Tasting Protein Powder – Top 5 Brands!

Best Tasting Protein PowderPeople who are just beginning to educate themselves on nutrition may not be able to find the best tasting protein powder with ease. In general, powdered protein tends to be chalky and bland, even when mixed with milk, juice or fruits. If you want the best protein shake that is pleasing to the palate, check out these top five recommended brands.

Fish Oil Side Effects – Myths and Facts!

Fish Oil Side EffectsThere are some negative fish oil side effects that can occur whether you are in good health or not when this supplement is taken. While the facts and myths associated with fish oil benefits can sometimes be confusing, all potential side effects should be known in advance.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dangerous Side Effects

Vitamin B12 DeficiencyThe most common result of vitamin B12 deficiency in both children and adults is anemia. In many cases, the symptoms of being anemic are not immediately known because they tend to be mild. However, just because you may not feel any vitamin B12 deficiency side effect doesn’t mean that you are healthy.

Retinol Side Effects on Eyes, Liver and Pregnancy

Retinol Side EffectsUnder normal circumstances, retinol side effects are only realized when a person overdoses on vitamin A. It should be noted that you can overdose on foods that have vitamin A just as easily as you can on creams or other products. Taking too much retinol can have a negative impact on the liver

Best Protein Powder For Women: Top 10 Picks By Experts!

Best Protein Powder For WomenThe best protein powder for women may not be in high demand, but there are still plenty of options for ladies of all ages. Some of the best tasting protein powder brands are soy based, which is unfortunately not recommended for women.

Beta Carotene Foods List

Beta Carotene FoodsThe best beta carotene foods are usually raw plants, but there are also meats, cheeses and prepared foods that are rich in this nutrient. View all of the foods that have vitamin A listed below in order to give your diet the proper overhaul.

1. Carrots – Vitamin A is essential to proper eye health,

Top 10 Fish Oil Health Benefits

Fish Oil Health BenefitsAfter finding out what the most beneficial fish oil health benefits are, you may want to start taking this supplement daily. Here are the top 10 benefits of taking this supplement.

1. Improved heart health – Both the elderly and young adults need to take advantage of fish oil benefits when it comes to keeping their hearts healthy.

Spirulina Weight Loss Plan – Steps To Fast Success!

Spirulina Weight LossPeople who use spirulina weight loss supplements regularly are already on the fast track to success. You can lose a substantial amount of excess body weight in a safe and consistent manner with the spirulina supplement of your choosing, provided that you eat a sensible diet and eventually add exercise into your repertoire. No supplement by itself can help you to lose weight unless you have a set plan and follow it closely.

Spirulina Side Effects – What To Watch Out For?

Spirulina Side EffectsWhile you might be ready to start taking this supplement today, it is imperative that you what possible spirulina side effects to expect. Several side effects of this supplements have been identified, but note that they rarely occur in users. However, the first thing that you should do if you notice any of these spirulina supplement side effects is to discontinue usage immediately.

Top 10 Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina Health BenefitsIt isn’t hard to find out about spirulina health benefits nowadays on the internet, but sometimes people can have difficulty separating fact from fiction. Available in powder, capsule, dried and pill form, spirulina powder is every bit as beneficial as it is popular. While every individual person will have his or her own unique experience with spirulina, here are the 10 top improvements you can expect when taking this supplement.

Spirulina Powder Nutrition Facts

Spirulina PowderSpirulina powder is comprised of blue-green algae, which is only found in open bodies of water. Like other similar supplements, the benefits of spirulina cannot be definitively supported with medical evidence alone. However, spirulina has been used within many cultures over the past few thousand years because of its reputed health benefits.

Fucoxanthin Weight Loss Solution Benefits and Risks

Fucoxanthin Weight LossThe usage of fucoxanthin weight loss supplements first became popular when a group of Japanese scientists published a convincing study. Since then, various dietary supplement manufacturers have introduced their own versions of this highly potent variety of seaweed. Used in capsule form and as a type of weight loss inducing body wrap, brown seaweed has many health benefits.

Loop Diuretics Benefits and Side Effects

Loop DiureticsYou may not find the words loop diuretics printed on the label of your water pills, but this specific category of diuretics works in a unique way. There are three main groups of diuretics, with each of them being processed by a different part of the kidneys. Loop diuretics can be both prescription and OTC diuretics, with both varieties having the same list of user cautions.

Top 10 Diuretic Weight Loss Products

Diuretic Weight LossDiuretic weight loss is controversial at best, so you may want to seek the advice of a holistic health practitioner before consuming OTC diuretics. Almost all of the diuretic products sold contain natural diuretics, such as dandelion and green tea. As such, you should be careful before using any proprietary blend of herbs as a weight loss solution, even if all ingredients are natural.

Top 10 Diuretics Side Effects

Diuretics Side EffectsDiuretics or water pills as they are more commonly known in the public, give users a temporary loss in weight by eliminating excess water stores. Diuretics side effects can come fast and unexpectedly, but there are also some side effects that are difficult to identify. Any diuretic weight loss that you experience will only last for as long as you remain on the medication.

Fucoxanthin Side Effects

Fucoxanthin Side EffectsEfficient at lowering bad cholesterol levels and great for preventing heart disease, users should also note that fucoxanthin side effects have not been discovered. Scientists believe that fucoxanthin works by encouraging the human body to produce more of a certain type of protein known for its fat burning elements. This supplement comes from a variety of seaweed that is brown and chock full of essential nutrients, and it is even believed to help with other health issues.

Best Over-The-Counter Diuretics

Over-The-Counter DiureticsYou will find ingredients with diuretic qualities in the most popular weight loss supplements, but there are also some very good over-the-counter diuretics that can be purchased at your local drugstore. Your first thought might be to immediately go after the brands that have the highest customer satisfaction ratings, but remember that even non-prescription drugs come with precautions.

Thiazide Diuretics and Calcium Balance

Thiazide DiureticsTaking thiazide diuretics is completely safe and effective, especially if your doctor has written you a prescription. One of the most serious complications that you need to be aware of is the potentially high blood calcium levels that you face. Having too much calcium in your blood stream can lead to life threatening medical conditions if they remain untreated.

Top 10 Diuretic Foods List

Diuretic Foods ListThis diuretic foods list will help prevent water retention, but still give you access to a varied and healthy diet. The top natural diuretic supplement brands all contain natural ingredients, but there are also foods that work as diuretics. You may not shed much water weight by eating a diet that is high in diuretic foods, but your bloating will be gone.

Fucoxanthin Patch Review

Fucoxanthin PatchIn addition to coming in pill and body wrap form, the fucoxanthin patch helps users to shed body fat quicker. This supplement works by sending a time-released stream of fucoxanthin into the blood. In particular, you will feel your appetite diminish, your energy levels decrease, and your ability to burn body fat will improve with the use of fucoxanthin patches.