Top 5 Motherwort Benefits This Herb Is Famous For!

Motherwort BenefitsMotherwort benefits men and women alike, but it is best known for its ability to aid women who have recently given birth. Here are five benefits of motherwort that you may not know about.

1. Faster recovery after giving birth – Motherwort herb both shrinks the uterus and helps to improve uterine health. After a woman gives birth, it can be months before it returns to its previous size. Drinking motherwort tincture will put a quick stop to postpartum bleeding.

2. Increased breast milk supply – If you find that you cannot natural produce a sufficient amount of nurse for your baby, Siberian motherwort may be extremely beneficial. Your milk supply should increase rapidly, and you may even be able to express milk more easily. These motherwort benefits have made the herb very popular with holistic minded mothers.

3. Wards off depression – Many people rely on natural remedies for depression because of the negative side effects associated with some prescription medications. Motherwort benefits include the relief of the signs of depression, more relaxation and a happier disposition.

4. Treats insomnia – When you have trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable hour, motherwort can help. Although motherwort side effects can be of concern to some, this benefit is a great reason to try it out. Take a motherwort supplement on a regular basis and follow the dosage guidelines to get optimal results.

5. Treats respiratory issues – Some Motherwort benefits are said to include better respiratory health. Illnesses like asthma and bronchitis have effectively been cleared up with motherwort supplements.

You can also use motherwort to stop heart palpitations and blood clots from forming. However, these are the most well known benefits of motherwort. The herb can be taken in pill form if you want to more easily incorporate it into your daily routine. Tea remains the most potent form of motherwort. No matter how you decide to consume it, you will feel happier and more balanced. Every expectant mother should purchase motherwort to feel better after giving birth, bond with their newborns more easily and produce a rich flow of breast milk.