Top 5 Kava Kava Benefits

Kava Kava BenefitsFound on the lush and tropical islands of the South Pacific such as Samoa and Tahiti, kava kava root has been used for centuries in both ancient ceremonial traditions and also in various applications for medicinal use. The inhabitants of these islands have used kava kava benefits for a variety of conditions, and, many people all over the world are now using kava kava for its plentitude of healthful benefits.

1. Deepy Sleepy: Kava root benefits are not just limited to helping the restless fall asleep and get their much needed zzz’s. Promoting deep and rejuvenating sleep and therefore improving the quality of the sleep of the user is one of its main perks. In addition, the time needed to fall asleep is also decreased which can add precious minutes to your rest and REM cycles.

2. Muscle Tussle: Whether you are suffering from fibromyalgia or stress induced muscle aches, you may find some usefulness in kava kava benefits for your cramping and spasms. It has long been used as a soothing agent and is thought to be particularly useful against discomfort arising from the muscles.

3. Aggravator liberator: Long has kava kava for anxiety been an ancient remedy and its calming effects, likely created by chemical composition, has been compared to some of the most effective anxiety medications on the market. It’s even been touted to assist in the prevention of convulsions in some cases.

4. Pain Paralyzer: While some people pass on the pills like anti anxiety medications and antidepressants and opt instead for similar kava kava benefits, the mental perks of this antique remedy are not the only pluses you might pick up with kava root. Occasionally used as an analgesic substitute, kava kava benefits are thought to include pain relief amongst it’s already long list of useful applications.

5. Stop the addiction conniption: For people who are trying to stop using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, the path is often fraught with frustration, anger and aggravation. Kava kava benefits are suitable for these mental maladies, and for people who are trying to quit using or get sober, kava can be a fantastic way to naturally curb the mental anguish associated with kicking your habits. Less irritation from detoxification and habit breaking can exponentially increase your chances for long term success.

Whether brewed into a cup of piping hot kava root tea or simply added into your already complete nutritional supplement, kava kava benefits are vast and well documented. For relaxation without a drop in mental acuity, relief from aching or painful muscles, assistance with sleep or an ally for stress combating, kava might be a great natural alternative for you. Remember however that even though this mocha colored, rough root is a natural remedy, there are still kava kava side effects that you should not only be aware of, but, discuss with your health care provider prior to use to ensure that kava is safe for you to use based on your overall health and medication history.