Top 10 Thyme Essential Oil Benefits

Thyme Essential Oil1. Anti-spasmodic Properties. Thyme essential oil has many benefits, and these include the anti spasmodic properties that make this a good treatment for cramps and other muscle spasms. It can also help with a cough and any aches and pain caused by spasm activity in the body.

2. Diuretic Benefits. Use as a diuretic is one of the top health benefits of thyme. This herb helps to eliminate any excess fluid accumulation in the body, and can be very beneficial for reducing bloating.

3. Antiseptic Properties. This oil works well as an antiseptic. Wound healing and infection prevention are both actions of the herb, and it can be used to clean minor scrapes and other wounds so that infection will not occur.

4. Antibacterial Properties. Thyme essential oil has antibacterial properties and this oil can kill off bacteria inside the body as well as cleaning wounds on the outside.

5. Improved Heart Health. One of the top thyme oil uses is for good cardiac health. Thyme oil keeps the heart in good shape and helps ensure that the heart valves are operating properly when opening and closing.

6. Lower blood pressure is another effect that this oil has. Thyme relaxes the veins and arteries, so that less pressure is required to move blood through the body.

7. Gout Treatment. Thyme essential oil can help treat gout, because this herb helps to detoxify the body. Uric acid build up is eliminated, therefore preventing crystals formation. In addition, thyme oil help dissolve already existing gout deposits leading to less pain and inflammation.

8. Antifungal Properties. Oil of the thyme plant is one of the most effective nail fungus cure products available anywhere. The herb naturally kills off many types of fungi.

9. Flatulence is another problem that thyme essential oil can help with. This oil prevents gas and bloating in the intestines by forcing the trapped air through the system faster and minimizing the effects that this air has in the body.

10. Improved Dental Health. Thyme is a home remedy that can actually reverse gum disease, and promote good dental health and fresh breath.