Top 10 Statin Drugs Side Effects

Statin Drugs Side EffectsStatin drugs are included in the category of medications manufactured to lower cholesterol levels. Overall, statin drugs side effects are minimal if you are one of the many people diagnosed with risk factors for heart attack or stroke. If you don’t have liver disease, you will more than likely to be prescribed something in the statin family. These drugs achieve favorable results by minimizing the production of bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoproteins. Statin drugs side effects range from common to intolerable, depending on your overall health and how well you follow your doctors’ directions.

1. Headaches and minor itching – These are the most common side effects you can expect while taking statins. Sometimes, these side effects will go away after some time.

2. Back pain – Having a sore back is one of the more common issues that some patients experience when using statin drugs. This will occur with regular usage.

3. Constipation – The inability to pass a bowel movement another common issue you may experience with using this medication. Your doctor will advise you to use a stool softener if it does not interfere with any other medical treatment you are currently on.

4. Diarrhea – This one of the Lipitor side effects that people complain the most about. You can change you diet or ask your doctor if there is a way to combat the diarrhea.

5. Muscle pain – Usually, prolonged muscle pain is something to be worried about. With statins, this is a side effect that users come to expect.

6. Pain in the lower legs and arms – You may feel pain or numbness in your hands, feet, forearms or calves. This is normal when on statins.

7. Nausea, upset stomach and vomiting – This is a side effect that is listed on almost all statin prescription bottles. More specifically, it is included as one of the various Simvastatin side effects.

8. Heartburn, gas and bloating – These are typical Pravachol side effects. You may experience the same while taking other statins.

9. General pain – This side effect is kind of vague, but for a good reason. These are additional statin drugs side effects to watch out for that you can easily confuse with regular aches and pains.

10. Liver abnormalities – You may not be able to feel this side effect, which is why it is important that you check in with your doctor regularly.

If you discover that after trying these drugs you are unable to tolerate statin drugs side effects, then your physician will more than likely suggest an alternative. Statin alternatives are not as effective, but they do help.