Top 10 Foods With Tryptophan

Foods With Tryptophan1. Egg Whites- This is one of the top foods with tryptophan, and dried egg whites contain more than 80 grams of protein for every 100 grams of the food.

2. Spirulina- Spirulina is one of the top foods with amino acids, especially tryptophan. This seaweed contains a large amount of protein, more than 57 grams in every 100 gram serving.

3. Soybeans- Raw soybeans are high in both protein and tryptophan. 0.59 grams of tryptophan per each 100 grams of soybeans make this food one of the best for this amino acid.

4. Caribou- This game meat is one of the best foods with tryptophan for anyone who needs more of this amino acid. If caribou is not available there are a number of domestic meat sources that can be used instead.

5. Parmesan Cheese- Instead of using a tryptophan supplement,a healthy serving of parmesan cheese may work just as well. This cheese is high in many amino acids, and can be a healthy alternative to supplements.

6. Dried Atlantic Cod- This dried fish is high in tryptophan, other amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

7. Turkey-Turkey is one of the best known foods with tryptophan, and all poultry has a significant amount of this amino acid. This is why a nap is needed after a meal that includes this food.

8. Cheddar Cheese- Cheddar cheese is one food that offers the benefits and possible tryptophan side effects both. All dairy foods offer this amino acid in large amounts.

9. Pumpkin Seeds- Pumpkin seeds are one of the top foods with tryptophan, and these seeds can be a great addition to any diet.

10. Chocolate- Chocolate can be an ideal substitute for a 5-hydroxytryptophan supplement, and this food includes many vitamins and minerals as well. The darker the chocolate, the more amino acids and other nutrients are offered.