Top 10 Fenugreek Tea Benefits

Fenugreek Tea BenefitsFenugreek tea benefits are well known to doulas, midwives and other practitioners of holistic medicine. Besides taking it in a pill form, fenugreek tea can be consumed to treat both mild and severe ailments. Read this top 10 list of fenugreek tea benefits to get the inside scoop on how to improve your life with this helpful herb.

1. Weightloss – Taking fenugreek extract or tea has been shown to help people shed excess pounds over time. This is true whether or not your change your diet or your exercise plan.

2. Common cold and respiratory treatment – Another one of the many known fenugreek uses includes respiratory relief. If you are congested, coughing or have been battling the common cold, fenugreek may just do the trick.

3. Alternative treatment for diabetes – Although no herb or home remedy should ever be taken in place of prescriptive drugs, some herbs have been shown to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Fenugreek tea benefits can provide real help for borderline diabetics.

4. Increased lactation – For some new mothers, increasing their milk supply may require over the counter and prescription medicine. If you utilize fenugreek for lactation purposes, you should be able to produce enough milk to keep your new baby happy.

5. Constipation – Having a bout of constipation can be inconvenient, but repeated and long-term issues with compacted bowels can easily be eliminated with the fenugreek herb. This is one of the lesser known fenugreek tea benefits.

6. Stable cholesterol levels – The key to maintaining normal cholesterol levels includes keeping bad cholesterol at bay while simultaneously increasing good cholesterol levels. You will need to take this herb regularly in order to see real fenugreek health benefits as they relate to cholesterol.

7. Bad breath – Fenugreek has a strange if not undesirable taste, but it works wonders for bad breath. Strong and persistent cases of halitosis have effectively treated with this herb on many occasions.

8. Lower blood pressure – If your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is abnormally high, you may want to look into fenugreek tea benefits that include blood pressure stabilization.

9. Faster post-partum recovery – This herb helps to increase milk production in new mothers in addition to aiding in a quicker post-delivery recovery.

10. Menstrual cramping and onset – Take the herb in tea form if you want to soothe menstrual cramps, bloating and other related symptoms.