Top 10 Early Menopause Signs and Symptoms

Early Menopause Signs and SymptomsWomen don’t expect to start menopause until they are at least 40 years old, which is why early menopause signs symptoms can be especially confusing. These are the top 10 things that you will notice if you are in the beginning stages of early menopause.

1. Menstrual cycle irregularity – The first thing that you may notice is your monthly cycles becoming erratic, or you may even miss your menstrual cycles altogether. Women going through menopause don’t often have high estrogen levels, but this is sometimes a trigger for early menopause.

2. Sore breasts – Have breast tenderness and soreness is sometimes related to early pregnancy, but in this case, it is one of the early menopause signs and symptoms. In fact, many women going through early menopause mistakenly believe that they are pregnant. This is because the side effects of having too much estrogen in your system are similar to the symptoms of menopause.

3. Vaginal dryness – The vagina normally secretes fluids in different amounts according to your monthly menstrual cycle. This is also included in the list of post menopause symptoms.

4. Mood swings – If you have been feeling depressed, angry or agitated for no good reason, you are probably experiencing early menopause signs and symptoms.

5. Facial hair growth – Women don’t normally grow facial hair, but this can change with menopause.

6. Lower sex drive – You may not feel the desire to be intimate at all, or you may only want to have sexual relations on an occasional basis.

7. Dry skin – Although having dry and blotchy skin aren’t always classified as pre menopause symptoms, this can be an obvious sign if you have been experiencing other symptoms.

8. Lack of energy – It will be increasingly difficult for you to get up and start your day when you are in the early stages of pre menopause.

9. Dizziness and confusion – Everyone becomes disoriented at some point in time, but if you are having trouble remembering important dates and facts, you may be pre menopausal.

10. Increased body odor – You may ‘break through’ your deodorant or possibly have to take multiple showers a day. These are completely normal early menopause signs and symptoms, but feel free to talk to a doctor about it if you are concerned.