Tongkat Ali Side Effects – Aggression and Restlessness

Tongkat Ali Side EffectsMany medicines come straight from nature and are as potent and as effective as their chemical based counterparts. While having the benefit of naturally occurring cures and treatments can lead to overall healthier well being, natural products have no shortage of associated side effects. Tongkat ali extract, long hailed for its use as a sexual stimulant, muscle builder and potential anti cancer agent, is being studied as a remedy for many other things. However, while tongkat ali benefits are plentiful, it still has side effects that you should be aware of before using this natural product.

Little is known about tongkat ali side effects, and most of what is known comes from users and their reports on which tongkat ali side effects they have experienced. Because this herbal wonder is thought to increase testosterone levels (which may be why it is such a useful tool for increasing sexual prowess) it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. It is also not advisable for children and also not for men with certain types of cancers, diabetes, heart and kidney conditions and liver conditions. An increase in testosterone can possibly lead to increased aggression, particularly in individuals that already had high concentrations of this natural male hormone. Tongkat ali side effects may also include a reduction in blood sugar levels, this may be why it is not recommended for men who are diabetic.

Restlessness may occur in individuals, and more often in people who have exceeded the recommended tongkat ali dosage. Anxiety and insomnia, usually related to the primary symptoms of restlessness have also been reported. As such, starting your morning with a tongkat ali coffee combo is probably not the best of decisions, especially until you know how tongkat ali will affect you and which tongkat ali side effects will be most dominant during your use.

Because of the hormonal changes caused by use of this product, it’s imperative that you discuss its use with your health care provider before beginning use of this product. It has the potential to interact with many health conditions and may be unsafe for you to take depending on the particulars of your health circumstances and current medications. For safe use, only take tongkat ali under the care of a health professional.