Tongkat Ali Extract Review

Tongkat Ali ExtractMany herbal remedies have purported uses that don’t always stand up to tests and studies. However, one increasingly popular product, tongkat ali extract, is actually living up to a lot of its hype! While some tongkat ali benefits such as its anti-cancer properties remain to be proven, the majority of claims made by users of tongkat ali extract are showing to be true! Whether in the form of a pill, an extract, or even tongkat ali coffee (an exciting new way to get your evergreens) tongkat ali is quickly becoming an alternative healing all star!

There may be many benefits of tongkat ali extract, and some of them, still unknown to us. However the one ail that this evergreen is known for assisting is sexual dysfunction. Tongkat ali review after review claim it’s a miracle worker on a limp love stick, and that it increases the desire, longevity and performance of sexual function. This is likely due to its supposed ability to increase testosterone levels, which has also given way to its suggested use as a muscle enhancer. In preliminary studies involving a weight training program where users took tongkat ali extract, the proof was in the pudding when it came to an increase in muscle mass. In fact, significant increases were shown in some participants who used this South American native plant.

You shouldn’t just rush out and buy tongkat ali without doing your homework however. While there are many reasons that this evergreen tree may benefit your health, it is simply not safe for all users. Children and nursing or pregnant women should avoid it. Men who have certain types of cancers, diabetes or prostate conditions should also avoid use. Because of side effects such as restlessness and anxiousness, caution should be used when first sampling tongkat ali, until you know how it will affect you. Lastly, all herbs and supplements should be used under the care of a health care provider. Because of the interactions that can occur between herbal remedies and medications and conditions, it’s imperative that your doctor be involved in your choice of treatments and supplements.