Tongkat Ali Benefits – For Muscles, Libido and Anti-Cancer!

Tongkat Ali BenefitsEurycoma longifolia is the proper name for the plant that is more commonly called tongkat ali. The flowering plant can grow quite tall (up to 49 feet), but it is generally referred to as a small evergreen. Tongkat ali extract has become increasingly popular, due it’s purported medicinal properties. Tongkat ali benefits are thought to include libido increase, anti cancer properties and the building of muscle mass. Several tongkat ali review pieces document and confirm many of these claims, and there are many studies that also examine and substantiate claims of tongkat ali benefits.

The most notable of all of the supposed and potential tongkat ali benefits are those related to increased sexual benefits. It has been referred to as “homegrown Viagra” and has been shown in studies to enhance sexual desire and performance. In rats, this popular folk remedy showed an increase in sperm count, indicating that there may be fertility related tongkat ali benefits to consider as well. Another area where this herbal concoction has shown purpose is in the muscle community. In fact, tongkat ali bodybuilding supplements are all the rage, and there may be some scientific evidence to support its use. While studies thus far are preliminary in nature at best, control groups fared better in muscle development than their placebo-given counterparts in terms of gained muscle mass. Early research is also suggesting a link between tongkat ali and cancer. Certain types of cancer seem responsive to Eurycoma longifolia, and in at least one study, proved to be as effective as some anti cancer drugs.

Because of all of the potential benefits from the root and bark of tongkat ali, you may be tempted to rush out and buy tongkat ali supplements right now. However, it’s important to understand that while early evidence is pointing to tongkat ali as a beneficial natural remedy for many ails, tongkat ali side effects are still being studied and are largely unknown. If you are considering using this product, speak to your health care provider first to ensure that it is safe for you to take, and do not use it if you are pregnant or breast feeding.