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Top 5 Root Canal Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

root canal symptomsThe inside parts of the tooth, those that include the sensitive pulp and nerves that provide sensory function, need to be removed in some cases in order to promote dental health and save a tooth. This can be particularly useful for people having tooth decay symptoms

Top 10 Foods That Stain Teeth

Foods That Stain TeethNobody wants stained teeth. The unsightly appearance makes is so you don’t want to open your mouth to talk, much less smile. Tooth discoloration had many causes. The use of certain antibiotics in childhood can result in discoloration of adult teeth. Genetics also play a role in tooth color. Dental procedures like root canals can result in changes in tooth color. Teeth that have changed color is one of several tooth decay symptoms. One of the leading causes of staining is the food we eat.

Stained Teeth After Braces – What To Do?

Stained TeethStained teeth can deliver a nasty blow to your self esteem. Some people will find that they have tooth discoloration after braces have been removed. This change in color often occurs because of the difficulty of cleaning teeth well when braces are on. There are many causes for stained teeth. Some antibiotics given in childhood can give the teeth a bluish green tinge. Genetics play a part in the color of your teeth as well.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention – How To Help My Child?

Baby Bottle Tooth DecayIf your toddler has tooth discoloration, the problem could be baby bottle tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria. The bacteria feed on sugars found in plaque on the teeth. The bacteria release acids that erode the tooth enamel and cause cavities. Tooth decay symptoms in toddlers include the appearance of stained teeth. In severe cases of baby bottle tooth decay the baby teeth may be lost too early. The baby teeth are place holders that help guide the permanent teeth into place.

Top 10 Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth DiscolorationThere are many reasons why the pearly whites take a downturn with tooth discoloration. Most causes of this condition can be prevented before tooth decay symptoms begin. Reverse tooth decay measures will play a role in tooth discoloration treatment if done before the staining evolves.

The following are 10 causes of tooth discoloration:

1. There are certain foods and drinks which are known to result in stained teeth. Examples of some would be coffee, soda, tea, wine, and various vegetables and fruits like potatoes and apples.

Tooth Decay Symptoms – What Is Causing You Trouble?

Tooth Decay SymptomsSymptoms of tooth decay do not generally begin until there is an infected tooth or a cavity. Unlike gum disease symptoms, tooth decay symptoms include pain with a tooth when eating sweet or cold food, sipping on hot or cold drinks, breathing in cold air, and brushing teeth. When a toothache occurs, an irritation or infection of the tooth pulp will cause discomfort. Wisdom teeth may or may not be associated with pain unless they are deformed or misaligned. In that case, they are at risk of tooth decay symptoms, gum disease and symptoms, and a great amount of wisdom teeth pain.