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How To Avoid Preeclampsia During Pregnancy?

Preeclampsia During PregnancyPreeclampsia during pregnancy is a serious condition brought about by gestational hypertension. About 6 percent to 8 percent of American women will develop pregnancy induced hypertension. Toxemia is another term used to describe preeclampsia during pregnancy. All pregnant women should be monitored regularly for high blood pressure during pregnancy. Severe preeclampsia is simply called eclampsia. This is a potentially fatal condition. The mother’s liver, brain, and kidneys can sustain permanent damage.

Severe Preeclampsia – What Are Chances to Develop It?

Severe PreeclampsiaSevere preeclampsia affects around five percent of all pregnancies, and around eight to ten percent will develop a milder form of this condition. Pregnancy induced hypertension can range from mild to life threatening, and is a serious concern for pregnant women and medical personnel around the world. If high blood pressure starts to develop during pregnancy then it is important this vital sign is monitored and watched closely.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension: 10 Important Things to Remember

Pregnancy Induced HypertensionPregnancy induced hypertension (or preeclampsia) is no fun condition that should be addressed immediately if signs or symptoms of increased blood pressure is noticed during course of pregnancy especially in the third trimester. Here are the top 10 important thing to know about this condition:

1. Pregnancy induced hypertension involves having high blood pressure during pregnancy. If your blood pressure goes too high then it can cause complications that pose serious risks.