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Dark Green Diarrhea in Kids vs Adults – Different Causes!

dark green diarrheaYour poop says a lot about you. It’s usually a fairly good indicator of what you’re eating, and if it’s abnormal, it’s also a good way to tell you that you might have caught a bug of some sorts or even had a bout with some questionable take out. The color in particular can be both revealing and unnerving

Diarrhea Diet For Toddlers, Adults and Elderly

Diarrhea DietDiarrhea can occur as an isolated incident and it can also cause patients issues for an extended period of time. In either case, following the diarrhea diet will help you to stay hydrated and avoid serious medical complications. Diarrhea can occur in babies, toddlers, adults and the elderly for many different reasons. In most cases, it occurs because of irritating foods consumed.

Diarrhea in Babies and Teething – Connected?

Diarrhea in BabiesEspecially as a new parent, you may wonder if your child has diarrhea, is it a sign that they are teething. Occasionally, this may be the case because a teething baby produces more saliva naturally and makes them pass their stools more quickly. In addition, diarrhea in babies is usually because they have some type of virus. Especially if your baby is very young, you want to see a pediatrician as soon as possible. Diarrhea in babies can easily cause dehydration. This is especially the case if what they drink runs right through them.

Causes of Green Stools in Adults

Green Stools in AdultsGenerally green stools in adults are caused by your food digesting too fast. As it digests it usually goes from green to brown before your bowel movement. If you have green bowel movements it may be caused by the use of laxatives, antibiotics or other medications, food poisoning or some other serious diseases.