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Brow Lift Procedure Steps

Brow Lift ProcedureMy husband has told me about 10,000 times to stop wrinkling my forehead when I’m ticked off because I’m going to end up looking like an old lady 20 years before I’m due. Needless to say, in true female form, I haven’t listened for one second. I have a backup plan. Since the rest of my face is wrinkle free,

Endoscopic Brow Lift Recovery and Aftercare

Endoscopic Brow LiftThere are many factors to consider when pondering the recovery time associated with an endoscopic brow lift. Type of surgery, intensity of surgery and your own physical disposition will all come into play. Brow lift plastic surgery in general has a recovery period of about 2 weeks

Eyebrow Lift Cost – What Is Included?

Eyebrow Lift CostYou might be surprised to learn how much eyebrow lift cost can add up to, and might not be considering the full scope of what’s included. It’s not just the doctor you have to pay, if it was, everyone would be jumping in line to get their turn at an endoscopic brow lift. The truth is, there are many costs involved, and you might be spending a lot more than other people depending on which doctor you pick and where you live.