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Top 10 Benefits of Milk Thistle

Benefits of Milk ThistleDoes milk thistle work? This question is the first thing that comes to mind to every person considering milk thistle liver detox or any other milk thistle extract based herbal treatment program. Benefits of milk thistle have been known to humanity for over 2000 years especially to Europeans and Middle Easterners. Milk thistle tea was proven effective against alcohol induced liver toxicity or even to prevent liver damage resulting from bad mushroom poisoning.

Modern day medicine has conducted a number of studies focused on learning more about benefits of milk thistle. Below you will find top 10 conditions and diseases that could improve due to benefits of milk thistle.

Milk Thistle Side Effects

Milk Thistle Side EffectsMilk thistle side effects are very rare and the herb is considered generally safe for use. In order to eliminate any potential milk thistle side effects, always follow dosage instructions on the packaging and purchase milk thistle extract from a reliable source to assure you are getting the best product for your money.

In case milk thistle dosage is exceeded, some patients were shown to experience mild gastrointestinal distress in the form of diarrhea, gas, vomiting and nausea. Some allergy prone individuals might display signs of milk thistle side effects like rash, itching and sneezing. Do not take milk thistle in case you know you are allergic to any plants from the daisy family, artichokes or kiwi.