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Sagging Breasts – Surgery, Exercises or Special Bra?

Sagging BreastsBeing a mother, I have frequently laughed looking in the mirror looking at what used to be cute and perky breasts. Now, I am merely contemplating how long it will take for them to hit the floor therefore providing me with a new dualie mop. My sagging breasts are a far cry from the large,

Top 10 Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in California

Best Breast Augmentation SurgeonsWhile California might not be the breast augmentation procedure capital of the world, it’s certainly might feel like it given that it’s the play land for the beautiful beach bodies of the west coast. No matter what type of procedure you are looking for, finding the best breast augmentation surgeons is likely going to be the first task on your list,

Which Breast Augmentation Procedure Is Best?

Breast Augmentation ProcedureWhat I knew about boob jobs was limited to say the least, so imagine my surprise upon finding out that the good old clear boobie inserts weren’t the only way women were increasing their bust lines. While still the most popular breast augmentation procedure, silicone and saline implants aren’t the only gig in town.