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Black Cohosh To Induce Labor – How Does It Work?

Black Cohosh To Induce LaborPregnancy is a joyous occasion, but also a time that sometimes seems to take an eternity. If you are nearing the end of you pregnancy, you may have heard of the use of black cohosh to induce labor. It’s perfectly understandable that you may want to find an all-natural way to speed up the process of bringing your new little one into the world.

Black Cohosh and Pregnancy

Black Cohosh and PregnancyBlack cohosh benefits numerous women’s unique reproductive system needs and helps with multiple female maladies like menstruation cramps, relieving menopausal side effects, normalizing monthly cycle and many more.

However, the most interesting and widely discussed topics among midwives have always been black cohosh and pregnancy connection. Midwives and many natural obstetricians use black cohosh to induce labor in overdue patients and to help ripen cervix and promote its readiness for labor. According to multiple studies, black cohosh estrogen-like qualities naturally prepare the body for birth in later stages of pregnancy and can even lead to shorter and less painful labors.

Black Cohosh Side Effects

Black Cohosh Side EffectsBlack cohosh side effects< are very few especially if used under herbalist’s or natural health care provider’s attention after a thorough medical exam while taking into account individual medical history. Generally, black cohosh is a safe herbal product that has been used by Native Americans for over two hundred years. Black cohosh side effects might include mild to moderate indigestion if taken at larger doses than recommended like vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Black cohosh tea or any other tinctures should not be used by persons with liver disease since there have been reports of liver toxicity black cohosh side effects.