Stinging Nettle Side Effects

Stinging Nettle Side EffectsThere are a number of stinging nettle side effects, some minor and some that can be serious. There are many different nettle leaf benefits, and this plant has been used as an herbal medicine for hundreds of years. Many experts and medical professionals advise that for most people stinging nettle treatment is safe as long as this herb is not used for more than six months at a time, unless you experience unpleasant or serious side effects. Some unpleasant stinging nettle side effects are not serious or life threatening but can cause discomfort. These can include excessive sweating, skin irritation if the plant is touched, an upset stomach or nausea, diarrhea, and in men a decrease in the volume ejaculated. Many individuals use stinging nettle tea and other forms of this herb without any problems, but others will experience side effects.

Stinging nettle side effects can include those which are more serious as well, and some may require emergency medical treatment. If a severe allergic reaction occurs it can become a life threatening problem very fast. Another serious side effect with stinging nettles is a big drop in blood pressure, and this may cause you to become lightheaded or to feel dizzy. Fainting can be another sign that your blood pressure is too low. If an allergic reaction or any symptoms of low blood pressure occur seek immediate medical attention.

Most stinging nettle side effects if they occur may be irritating or uncomfortable, but they do not become serious. Many people take a tea or stinging nettle leaf extract and never experience any of the possible side effects, while others may take this herbal medicine once and develop a severe allergic reaction or other problem. If you have any medical conditions or problems then you should consult your doctor before you begin this or any other treatment, because the stinging nettle side effects could become more problematic if there are other medical conditions as well.