Spirulina Side Effects – What To Watch Out For?

Spirulina Side EffectsWhile you might be ready to start taking this supplement today, it is imperative that you what possible spirulina side effects to expect. Several side effects of this supplements have been identified, but note that they rarely occur in users. However, the first thing that you should do if you notice any of these spirulina supplement side effects is to discontinue usage immediately.

One of the most commonly occurring spirulina side effects is painful stomach ache. The lining of the stomach can be disturbed for any number of reasons, including changes in acid levels. Sometimes, stomach aches will begin to subside after your body becomes used to spirulina algae, but it is still best to talk to a doctor before continuing with your routine.

You may also feel an insatiable thirst when you start using spirulina as a supplement. However, this side effect can also be construed as one of the many spirulina powder benefits that help to make the human body work better. This side effect will encourage you to drink lots of clean water, which will keep your body healthier.

Hawaiian spirulina causes the same side effects as ‘regular’ spirulina, so there is no practical reason for you to choose one variety other the other. Feeling faint and or dizzy are two other possible spirulina side effects that can have a negative impact on your life. If you encounter bouts of dizziness, it is important for you to take it easy and stop taking spirulina for at least a few days. At minimum, you should decrease the amount of spirulina that you consume until you can get to the root of the cause.

It is normal to feel hotter and have a higher body temperature while using spirulina, however, this must also be listed as a side effect. For some, spirulina side effects that include warm sensations and an increase in temperature can be dangerous. This side effect may cause your body to react differently to prescription drugs, and it can also become bothersome during the summer months. If you suffer from heat strokes or already have an abnormally high body temperature, spirulina is a supplement that you may need to skip.