Spirulina Powder Nutrition Facts

Spirulina PowderSpirulina powder is comprised of blue-green algae, which is only found in open bodies of water. Like other similar supplements, the benefits of spirulina cannot be definitively supported with medical evidence alone. However, spirulina has been used within many cultures over the past few thousand years because of its reputed health benefits.

The first thing that you should notice about spirulina powder is that is it extremely low in calories. Additionally, it has very little fat, saturated or otherwise. A very small serving of organic spirulina powder has a very high amount of protein. This is one of the reasons that spirulina protein powder is a popular choice among vegans and vegetarians.

Because spirulina powder is rich in chlorophyll, some health experts taut it as a ‘miracle’ supplement. The main spirulina powder benefits include more energy, detoxification properties and better digestion. People can safely consume these supplements because they are low in sodium and rich in vitamins K and B12.

There are few spirulina side effects, however, at least one of them may give you reason for pause. These algae have been linked to liver disease because there are microcrystins present in this supplement. Some possible signs of developing liver disease include, swelling of the esophagus and face, labored breathing, darkened urine and persistent stomach pain.

While spirulina powder is believed to be a health supplement that can alleviate pain and lessen the symptoms of major diseases, it is best to rely on the advice of your doctor. One serving of this seaweed in a powdered form will give you a large dose of niacin, iron and potassium, but it could also put your health at risk if you are not careful. Those with existing medical conditions should always be cleared by a physician before beginning any new diet, exercise or supplement regime.

Always look for the purest and organic form of spirulina before adding it to your daily routine. This will help you to avoid complications, and possible, some of this supplement’s negative side effects. When taken responsibly, spirulina may actually help to improve your quality of life as well as your body’s performance.