Short and Long Term Side Effects of Breast Implants

Side Effects Of Breast ImplantsBreast implants are considered medical devices. That seems weird since they don’t do anything besides create voluptuous bosoms. However, devices they are, and thankfully things listed as medical devices mean that the FDA is required to tell you what sucks about them. And, they do just that, on their website. But, if you’re looking for a quick rundown of the side effects of breast implants both post surgery and 50 years down the road, look no further.

Funnily enough, breast augmentation financing is really the first of the side effects of breast implants you are going to have to worry about. Not just the first surgery. Wait, did we say first? We sure did. Truth is, you might have to have more than one surgery before it’s all said and done; surgeries that are painful and create recovery time, and lighter wallets, both the first and any subsequent scalpel sessions. Additionally, your boobs might hurt. Think after baby hurt. Think football to the ta-tas hurt. And not just the breast, the nipple too, those pepperonis can end up tender and sensitive.

After surgery, it’s not uncommon to have inflammation, and rarer, infection as side effects of breast implants. Both of these will add great volume because of swelling, but it’s not the kind of enhancement you are likely looking for. Breast augmentation risks can also include extrusion, the breaking down of the skin so that the implant is visible. Nobody will have to ask if they’re real or fake if this happens! Sometimes, although less common in silicone breast implants, you may see wrinkling and rippling, throwing the natural look you were hoping for out the window. These likely will worsen as time goes on.

Although a rarely thought of issue on the list of side effects of breast implants is simply a “bad boob job.” It happens. It’s not always the doctor’s fault, sometimes it is. You could have crooked breasts. One could be larger than the other. One could have sensation and the other could have nerve damage and not feel much at all. Bad breast implants are becoming less common due to advances in medical technology and the dedication and training of the physicians performing them, however they do happen. Do your homework when looking for the right doctor for you when considering this surgery, and remember, breast augmentation is a surgery involving the implantation of a medical device, you should and better expect side effects and changes both immediately after surgery and potentially decades later.