Saw Palmetto Side Effects in Women vs Men

Saw Palmetto Side EffectsFrequently used to treat prostate abnormalities, saw palmetto side effects can differ greatly in men and women. However, there are also side effects that impact both genders. Whether you are male or female, you must be careful to follow saw palmetto dosage instructions. Pregnant women and those with serious health issues may not be able to take this health supplement in any form.

Saw palmetto is often sold by itself as a supplement used to improve prostate health. As saw palmetto side effects can be felt even if taken in small amounts, you may want to check the ingredients listed on all of your supplements to see if it is included. Other products, such as saw palmetto shampoo can also cause some users to experience negative side effects.

Common saw palmetto side effects include; dark urine, headache, decreased sex drive, dizziness, nausea and other stomach related issues. Rash and skin irritation can also occur if you are allergic to saw palmetto. Generally, all saw palmetto side effects are thought to diminish on their own as the human body begins to develop a higher tolerance for this drug. On the other hand, side effects can worsen in some cases. Serenoa repens is the scientific name for saw palmetto.

If you have experienced any saw palmetto side effects, you may benefit from taking a less potent form of this supplement. For instance, saw palmetto tea can be substituted with a low dosage oral supplement that lists saw palmetto as a secondary ingredient. If you suffer from sexual dysfunction, are a breastfeeding woman or are trying to conceive, your doctor may recommend that you avoid taking saw palmetto in all forms.

The side effects of saw palmetto can affect you differently, depending on whether you are a man or a woman. However, the general side effects associated with this supplement are mostly the same. If you have had spells of dizziness or have suffered from an upset stomach for an extended period of time, saw palmetto may be the cause of your troubles. Consult with a doctor in order to get expert medical advice, and discontinue your usage of saw palmetto until you receive a clean bill of health.