Sassafras Tea Benefits – Blood Thinning and Detox Properties

Sassafras Tea BenefitsSassafras tea benefits were first recorded in the U.S. by Native American tribes, but that is not where the research on this herb stopped. Modern medical professionals learned that sassafras leaves contained an agent which stopped and eliminated different types of blood clots. In general, sassafras can be used as a blood thinner when it is consumed in a tea.

Along with its ability to thin the blood, sassafras tea benefits also include whole body detoxification qualities. Sassafras tea also impacts that urinary tract, acting as a powerful diuretic. Since toxins leave the body by way of waste products, it is understandable why this tea is thought to be able to leave people feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

More sassafras medicinal uses include clearing blockages in the urinary tract. When the body is not able to naturally expel waste, particularly in the bladder, toxins can poison the blood. Drinking the tea of sassafras roots can help both people who are in a good state of health and those who have a build up of toxins to feel better overall.

These sassafras tea benefits are not the only reason that people enjoy consuming it. The tea’s mild flavor and sweet smell have it made it popular with residents of the South for hundreds of years. In order to get the full benefit of sassafras, make sure that you drink it safely. Limit consumption to no more than two cups per day, and give you body time to acclimate to it. Like other diuretics, do not drink sassafras from more than five to seven days in a row without taking a break.

There are other sassafras tea benefits that have not been listed, but that is because they are in dispute. For instance, sassafras may be a natural cure for head lice. This herb might also help to heal bruises faster. Always get your herbs from a regulated company, or consider growing them yourself. Blood thinning medication should never be replaced with this herb or another home remedy. However, your doctor may allow you to try sassafras for a time if you are not able to take blood thinner for medical reasons.