Sagging Breasts – Surgery, Exercises or Special Bra?

Sagging BreastsBeing a mother, I have frequently laughed looking in the mirror looking at what used to be cute and perky breasts. Now, I am merely contemplating how long it will take for them to hit the floor therefore providing me with a new dualie mop. My sagging breasts are a far cry from the large, voluptuous rack I sported way back when, but I often wonder what sorts of options there are for women like me with sagging breasts besides turning them into multifunction cleaning devices.

If I had a tremendous amount of money, I suppose I could pop into a plastic surgery center for a laser breast lift. This new technology dramatically reduces healing time and is like having a built in underwire made of you. However, the cost of breast lift surgery, tempting as it is, is just too much for my still “fun sized” wallet. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to find a breast augmentation procedure that won’t break the bank. For people dealing with mastopexy with implants, the cost can be even greater. So what to regular women like myself with sagging breasts do to finally get to wear a halter top again? We do what women are not known for, improvising and saving money.

Bras. We all have to wear them anyways. Why not pick one up that can turn your sagging breasts back upright? By picking a bra with a lower back strap, an underwire and perhaps a supporting pillow or two at the bottom, you can create the rack of your dreams for about thirty bucks. Watch out though, you’ll want to make sure you have more than one or people are going to start wondering how many personalities your boobs have if they see you on sports bra days. If you’re looking for longer term results without a scalpel involved, try some chest exercises. Bench presses and overhead dumbbell exercises are great ways to tone and perk your tired boobies.

Tired, floppy breasts come from aging, childbirth and poor physical health. You can reverse many of the aforementioned signs by getting fit, and “getting fit,” as in, getting a bra sizing by a professional. If you are still unhappy with the look and lift of your ta tas, you can always save up the big bucks for the surgical route.