Rosemary Oil Extract – How To Make It?

Rosemary Oil ExtractYou can make rosemary oil extract using either fresh or dried rosemary. Many individuals prefer to use fresh herbs because some nutrients and beneficial compounds are lost when the herb is dried out. This oil can offer all of the rosemary herb benefits in a concentrated form. There are three main methods that can be used to extract the oil from the plant. The water and steam distillation methods are recommended. The maceration method is not used frequently because it is not as effective as the distillation methods. Making rosemary oil extract using the water distillation method involves immersing the needles of the plant in water and then simmering the mixture for a substantial time. Once the mixture cools off, the oil extract can be skimmed off the top.

There are many benefits of aromatherapy and rosemary extract is a common ingredient. The essential oil of rosemary can be used to relieve stress, help with relaxation, and treat certain health conditions. The most common method used to make rosemary oil extract is the steam distillation method. This process involves passing steam through a container full of rosemary. The steam causes the oil in the herb to evaporate and it combines with the steam. Once this mixture is cooled off, the oil can be collected. This is how rosemary essential oil for aromatherapy is normally collected.

The third method that can be used to make rosemary oil extract is the maceration method. This method involves soaking the needles of the plant in alcohol, water, or oil. The mixture is left untouched for around a month and a half before being used. If alcohol is used as the base then it burns off during cooking. If oil is used then the finished product can provide rosemary benefits for hair and skin treatments. Purchasing the oil extract of this herb can be expensive and the oil may be difficult to find at times. Knowing how to make rosemary oil at home can have many advantages. The oil is less expensive and the purity of the final oil extract can be ensured.