Restylane Side Effects

Restylane Side EffectsRestylane has become a very popular cosmetic procedure, but there are some Restylane side effects that you should know about before deciding whether or not to have this procedure done. This treatment can be more effective than using an anti aging wrinkle cream, but it does involve an injection which can be uncomfortable. Another consideration is the Juvederm vs Restylane debate, with some considering one superior to the other, and both products have their supporters and detractors. Anti aging skin products have become in high demand as more people age, and for many aging gracefully is not a desirable option.

For most people just performing anti aging exercises is not going to be enough to keep you looking young. What are the Restylane side effects, and is this procedure safe and effective? According to the FDA which gave approval for the product in the year 2003, this product is safe for then most of the other facial filler products available. There are no animal materials or components involved, so there is less of a risk of infection or a reaction. Some common Restylane side effects can include bruising, which will occur in one out of every five patients, as well as increased discomfort from the injection because there is no anesthetic included. You may notice swelling, redness, itching, and possibly an infection at the injection site. In very rare cases allergic reaction can occur, although this is less common with this product then with others which contain animal products.

Restylane side effects seem to be more severe in individuals who have extremely sensitive skin. Most of these are similar to Juvederm side effects and other cosmetic facial fillers. In very rare cases serious side effects can occur which may last for weeks or even longer, and can result in scarring and acne formations. Severe infections can also rarely occur and will require medical treatment, but is usually not serious enough to become life-threatening. Before you determine which cosmetic procedure is best choice, you will need to compare all of the options, and take into consideration the possible Restylane side effects in your specific skin sensitivity situation.