Red Clover Tea Fertility Benefits

Red Clover Tea FertilityRed clover benefits include everything from skin care to curing cancer according to herbalist and alternative healing experts, however it’s most notable accomplishment likely has to do with its effects on the female body with regards fertility and menstruation. Sorry boys! Red clover might help your acne, but its real benefit may be geared toward the fairer sex in the form of red clover tea fertility benefits.

Red clover contains plant chemicals called isoflavones which tend to act similarly to estrogen in the body. These red clover isoflavones are thought to act similarly to estrogen, stimulating follicles to prepare for ovulation. It is in this way that the red clover tea fertility link is thought to be possible. Additionally, the wealth of nutrients provided by red clover tea may help balance out deficiencies in the body that can lead to problems with conception. Calcium, vitamin c and potassium are all found in red clover and having the recommended amounts of these essentials can promote the physical well being required to conceive.

It’s not all about red clover tea fertility benefits though when it comes to the hormone altering power of these flower tops. In fact, the red clover menopause relationship has been studied, as well as its effects on menstruation. Because of the way that the isoflavones in red clover act within the body, it’s likely that there are more hormonal benefits to be derived from this popular plant.

If you are considering using a red clover tea fertility regimen to aid in conception, there are some things that it’s important to remember before doing so. There are side effects to consider when using red clover tea such as headache, nausea, muscle aches and even vaginal bleeding. Additionally, because of its effects on hormones, it’s important to not use it if you are currently breast feeding. If you have a condition that is sensitive to changes in hormones such as breast cancer or cancers of the female reproductive organs like the uterus or ovaries, you should not use red clover. It’s also important to always discuss any supplements that you intend to take with your health care provider before use to ensure that it is safe for you to take based on your specific health.