Pure Aloe Vera Gel For Face and Hair Treatment

Pure Aloe Vera GelPure aloe vera gel is juice of a tropical plant that has been used as a healing agent since historic times. The usual two components of the aloe vera plant are gel and latex. Aloe vera gel benefits are very versatile. It can be taken orally or applied topically.

Pure aloe vera gel for face uses:

Consider using aloe vera gel for face in the form of a face mask, cleanser or a toner. The sugars found in pure aloe vera gel can affect skin collagen production and help fight aging. Studies show that aloe gel forms a barrier, locking the skin moisture from escaping by making the outer skin cells tighter. Aloe also is shown to contain potent antioxidants that can increase the multiplication of skin cells. The result will be younger looking skin.

Consider adding essential oils to your homemade aloe gel to make your own face mask. You can also look for pure aloe vera gel products. Aloe vera lotion can be a good moisturizer in case you have skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and dryness as aloe is shown to be effective in reducing these conditions.

Pure aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial and soothing properties and can speed up the wound healing process by increasing circulation in the skin, killing bacteria and preventing the skin around the wound from dying. Aloe gel is also great for soothing sun burns, reducing dark spots, improving skin complexion.

Pure aloe vera gel for hair:

Some of aloe vera benefits when applied to hair are reduction in dandruff, hair loss, dryness and dullness. It can also promote hair growth, provide shine and life to the hair.

Aloe vera gel for hair is a great conditioner. Researchers found that aloe is absorbed faster than water and also forms a barrier to prevent water evaporation from hair. Aloe gel when mixed with lemons, appropriate essential oils can reduce itchy scalp and deep condition your hair. Make your own homemade hair masks with ingredients like aloe, coconut milk, essential oils and honey.