Partial Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery – When Is It Needed?

Rotator Cuff Tear SurgeryPartial rotator cuff tear surgery is one option if you have suffered a tear in your rotator cuff, but the tear does not go all the way through the tendons. When is this surgery necessary though? Just like with other shoulder problems, surgery is not always needed or desired, so knowing when it is necessary can be a big help in making any final treatment decisions. Just like with shoulder dislocation surgery or frozen shoulder surgery, an operation on your rotator cuff can have some risks involved, and the outcome cannot always be predicted. In most cases your physician may try other treatments before even considering surgery.

Before rotator cuff tear surgery is performed the first step is usually physical therapy. In some cases prescription medications may be prescribed for pain or swelling in the shoulder, and this is true if you suffer from a glenoid labrum tear or other type of injury in this area. Physical therapy is also frequently prescribed, for a period ranging from two weeks to several months, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Rest and ice or heat packs may also be advised, and normally rotator cuff tear surgery is only considered after all of these other measures have not worked. It is better for your body to heal without interference, but in some cases the damage will not heal properly without surgical intervention.

If you have gone through physical therapy and tried all of the other available treatment options and still have not found relief then rotator cuff tear surgery may be a possibility. You need to know that rotator cuff surgery recovery does not happen overnight, and more physical therapy may be needed after the surgery as well. If your orthopedic doctor feels that this surgery may help then you should consider all of the other options you have tried and whether they were effective before making a final decision. Whether you need rotator cuff tear surgery for a partial or full tear, this procedure can help when nothing else works for many individuals.