Organic Milk Thistle – Where To Buy?

Organic Milk ThistleIf you take milk thistle as a regular part of your health and wellness plan, then you should consider organic milk thistle. Milk thistle in its organic form is most ideal because it doesn’t have any of the pesticides or impurities associated with inorganic supplements and, after all, the primary purpose of the milk thistle supplement is to detox and protect the liver from toxins like pesticides! Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to invest in anything other than organic. You can expect the same health benefits of milk thistle, dosage requirements and milk thistle side effects when your milk thistle is organic, but you can rest assured knowing you are not introducing any unnecessary chemicals into your body along with the herb you are using to fight those chemicals. Of course, buying organic is always a bit more of an investment, but if you shop around, you should be able to find an organic milk thistle just right for your needs and your budget. Here are some great places to buy it:

– The Healthy Skin Shop. This online store features Energique’s Organic Extract, touted to be one of the highest quality milk thistle products available.

– Tao of Herbs. At this dot com, you can purchase capsules of combined whole herb, organic milk thistle and its standardized extract. Additionally, Tao of Herbs guarantees there are no artificial fillers or preservatives in their high-quality capsules.

– If you are interested in buying bulk, this is your place, offering a variety of milk thistle products, from whole seeds and powdered seeds, good for making milk thistle tea.

– Starwest Botanicals. Buy organic powdered milk thistle seed here.

Milk thistle is a fairly commonly used herb and it is therefore easy to find in most chain drugstores. However, if you want the highest quality product, it is worth the investment and the extra footwork to track down organic milk thistle. Your liver will thank you!