Nettle Leaf Benefits

Nettle Leaf BenefitsStinging nettles, or as this plant is known in scientific circles urtica dioica, offers a number of benefits for many different conditions. Some of the claims made about the stinging nettle plant may not be true and medical research does not have enough evidence to either prove or disprove them, but a great number of people have received relief by using stinging nettle leaf extract, tea, and other preparations. Some well known nettle leaf benefits can include the ability to treat urinary tract infections, or UTIs as these infections are frequently called. Kidney stones may also be treated using this herbal medicine, because it is beneficial to the entire urinary system.

Nettle leaf benefits are undeniable when it comes to high blood pressure. This is because one of the uncommon stinging nettle side effects is that in some individuals it can cause a lowered blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high then this is not a problem, and may be a benefit instead. Arthritis and other joint inflammation disorders may improve with treatment using this plant, because one of the nettle leaf benefits is that it decreases inflammation naturally, making it easy for your joints to move better and with less pain.

Skin conditions are another medical problem where nettle leaf benefits can help. Psoriasis, eczema, acne, and other skin irritations and disorders can be treated with stinging nettle tea, extract, or another form of the plant. The plant may also be applied externally, but this may cause the skin irritation to become worse before it starts to improve. The wide range of nettle leaf benefits have been used for many centuries, and this plant is considered safe for most people to use. If you have any medical conditions then you should ask your doctor before starting this natural treatment though, to make sure it is safe for you to do so.