Natural Breast Augmentation – Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery!

Natural Breast AugmentationNatural breast augmentation is a method which uses stem cells and fat transferred from one area of the body into the breasts, to enlarge and augment them naturally. There are no silicone breast implants or other foreign materials which can leak, rupture, or cause medical problems. This plastic surgery takes fat from the thigh or the stomach of the patient in most cases using liposuction. Half of the fat tissue that is removed is processed, so that the stem cells can be removed without damaging them. These cells are then added back to the other half of the fat tissue, and this is then injected into the breast of the patient. Natural breast augmentation does not require traditional surgery, because there are no large incisions made or excessive amounts of tissue damaged during the procedure, and the breast augmentation scars are minimal and often cannot be seen at all.

Some of the most common breast augmentation problems and complications come from the materials used for implants, as well as the surgical incisions required to place these implants deep in the breast tissue. Natural breast augmentation eliminates these risks, because the only thing which is added to your breasts are your own fat and stem cells. A breast lift and augmentation can include many uncomfortable side effects, and may be much more painful during the recovery period. With natural breast augmentation you do not have as much discomfort, there is little or no bruising, and you will be up and back to your usual activities in no time. Fat has been used in the past for this purpose, but there were always problems with the look or feel of the finished breast. Stem cells have brought back this idea. Your own tissue is the best choice for augmentation, because there is almost no risk of your body rejecting these tissues, so the results are much more successful.