Liposuction Complications – 7 Things You Need To Know!

Liposuction ComplicationsYou did not think that you could just waltz into a cosmetic surgeon’s office, drop 50 pounds of subcutaneous blubber and not even have to consider possible worst case scenarios did you? Good, because before you go “under the suction tube” you have to check out our list of liposuction complications. Some may make sense to you, and others might make you reconsider the many risks of liposuction, but whether they deter you, or make you sign the check faster, you need to be aware of these 7 possible liposuction complications!

1. Necrosis: let’s start off right with some nice dead tissue. Alright, it’s very rare and probably not a reason to cancel your liposuction on thighs appointment, but long term wound care does sound pretty unappealing if you end up with this unusual complication.

2. A bumpy road: Liposuction is sure to get rid of fat, but it’s not sure to give you the buns and abs of a 20 year old. Bumps and wrinkles can occur without a lot of warning. This can lead to subsequent visits and treatments.

3. Burns: The use of ultrasound equipment and the movement of the “fat-sucker-upper” can all cause nerve and skin burns, uncomfortable liposuction complications to say the least!

4. Too much Lidocaine: Tumescent liposuction employs the use of lidocaine, and too much of it can lead to numbness, seizures and cardiac arrest.

5. Whoops!: The puncture of internal organs in procedures of liposuction for men and women is rare, but it does happen. This needs to be fixed via another surgical procedure.

6. Allergies and Infection: Allergic reactions and wound infection are liposuction complications that are common to every surgery and you need to be aware of the symptoms and look out for the signs of either.

7. Weight Gain: For many, this doesn’t seem like a complication, but for people who have had large volume liposuction, weight gain following the procedure is difficult, and emotionally tolling. You will need to work hard to maintain your new figure following surgery, along with maintaining a healthy diet.

Almost all medical procedures carry risks and complications, and these predominately aesthetic processes are no different. Talk to your doctor about all of your concerns before committing to a surgical procedure, and use a balance of risks and benefits to determine how appropriate liposuction is for you.