Juvederm Side Effects

Juvederm Side EffectsCosmetic procedures are becoming very popular, and one of the most widely used is Juvaderm. This is a facial filler which can help eliminate facial wrinkles and lines, but what are the Juvederm side effects and is it safe to use? Most plastic surgeons agree that this product is extremely safe, and much more effective than most other anti aging skin products. What about Juvederm vs Restylane? Is one better than the other? The Restylane side effects are very similar to those seen in Juvaderm, and both are possible options for most individuals, so it basically boils down to preference and price. Restylene tends to be more expensive per syringe.

Some Juvederm side effects seen most frequently can include redness, irritation, swelling, bruising, and infection at the injection site. These are usually minor and will go away within 5 to 7 days, but in rare cases these symptoms may become severe and require medical treatment. Unlike an anti aging facial mask Which is placed on a skin, Juvaderm is injected into the dermal layers of your face, anywhere from the middle layers all the way down to the deepest depending on the treatment given. Because there is an injection involved this can cause the Juvederm side effects, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you want to improve the way your skin looks, but are concerned about the Juvederm side effects and complications of other invasive procedures that can be performed, You can try a cream which hydrates and moisturizes, such as Lifecell wrinkle cream, but the results will not be as effective. Both women and men who have used Juvaderm have reported positive results, and any problems or complications are very rare. Some plastic surgeons believe that even these rare Juvederm side effects are caused more by the product being misused then by the product causing the problems. Make sure that you use a cosmetic professional who has experience with these products for the best possible results.