Green Tea Skin Benefits For Acne, Wrinkles and Skin Cancer

Green Tea Skin BenefitsA lot of times when we hear that a new herbal remedy can cure everything from cancer to eczema, it’s often unfounded scientifically and based solely on ancient practices or hokey alternative home remedies. However green tea skin benefits may not fall into this category. There are many studies that are starting to suggest that green tea metabolism benefits aren’t the only goodies that this fresh leaf has to offer. Why? Because it’s packed with potent antioxidants that are considered some of the most powerful in nature. These antioxidants have shown to be everything from a potentially effective acne treatment to a possible guardsman against skin cancer.

Cancers of the skin are a hot topic right now considering the ever intensifying rays from the sun and recent trends in the tanning industry. This is making big headlines for green tea skin benefits which are thought to be able to ward off cancerous changes in the skin. How do green tea benefits battle dangerous skin cancer? Well, they contain polyphenols which have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. In essence, they work by attacking the “free radicals” that can cause the changes in skin that can lead to this dangerous condition before they have a chance to do their damage.

The same free radicals that can lead to skin cancer are also thought to be responsible for the breakdown of collagen in the face, which can lead to wrinkles. Therefore it’s likely that there may also be a link between green tea skin benefits and anti aging properties.

Although the jury is still officially out on just how much truth there is behind green tea skin benefits, there is no doubt that preliminary studies are showing great amounts of promise. The cosmetics industry has answered with product after product packed with green tea, and many have even turned to a green tea diet in order to take all of the goodness of green tea in from the inside. Whether you choose to jump on the bandwagon or not, there are many benefits of green tea both on the inside and out that might make you consider taking advantage of this age old product.