Flaxseed Oil Side Effects on Gastrointestinal Tract and Skin

Flaxseed Oil Side EffectsWhen you take the normal dosage, you should not experience any flaxseed oil side effects. However, ground and whole flaxseeds can cause users to develop loose stools when a large amount is consumed at once. The oil form of flaxseed can irritate the skin and even cause a rash if you are allergic or have especially sensitive skin.

Some secondary flaxseed oil health benefits seem to suggest improved skin, hair, teeth and skin health. This is because flaxseeds contain ample amounts of omega-3which promotes healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin. Like other oils, taking a larger than suggested flaxseed oil dosage may lead to diarrhea-like symptoms. In addition to loose bowels, some users of flaxseeds also reported having bloating, abdominal cramping and excessive gas.

Overall, flaxseed oil side effects related to the digestive system are unlikely to occur. Sometimes an interaction with another prescription drug can occur because flaxseeds can impact the way that the body absorbs medicines. However, flaxseed oil and weight loss studies show that this type of seed actually aids in the weight loss process by keeping away hunger pains and improving digestion.

If applied directly to the skin, you may have some negative flaxseed oil side effects. This highly potent oil should be used in moderation, or at least be mixed with some other neutral oil until you are able to determine if you are allergic or not. You can opt to take flaxseed oil supplements in order to improve the health of your skin and digestive system instead of using the oil, eating the seeds or applying it directly to your skin.

Only a very small percentage of all users will have any type of flaxseed oil side effects, but they should be reported immediately if they do occur. This oil can be added to dishes, mixed with juice or taken in smaller doses in over to alleviate any possible side effects from manifesting. Remember that different brands of flaxseeds will have different levels of purity as well as different additives. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, make sure that it is not the brand that you are reacting to instead of the flaxseeds themselves.