Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Review

Fat Transfer Breast AugmentationIf you’re on the market for a new set of ta tas, or just looking to increase the size of your puny protrusions, you have many choices. Of course the clear pillow puffs long inserted into the chests of women for over 50 years are still hanging around, but nowadays the choices don’t stop there. Once banned, but now making resurgence, fat transfer breast augmentation is slowly creeping back onto the scene of the plastic surgery industry thanks to advances in device technology, along with imaging technology, meaning that doctors are better able to differentiate anomalies caused by the procedure from cancer or suspicious tumors therefore reducing the biopsies that were frequent when fat transfer breast augmentation was prohibited years ago.

This method involves the wearing of a rather medieval suction bra for a period of time, giving the breast some extra room inside. This room will eventually be filled with other parts of you. More precisely: your liposuctioned goo from other parts of your body. The pros to fat transfer breast augmentation? You are enhancing the breasts and sculpting the body at the same time. Additionally, results show that the long term benefits of this procedure are much more desirable than traditional breast enhancement. You are far less likely to go back under the knife multiple times with fat transfer breast augmentation. There are down sides also however. Liposuction is a procedure all on its own. So, plan on recuperating from two things at once. Secondly, this isn’t a quick fix operation. You’re going to have to wear your boobie pulling bra for a few weeks before and afterwards, and it’s not noted for comfort.

If you’re looking to just undo a pair of sagging breasts, you can venture into this option or the growing in popularity laser breast lift. For people dealing with mastopexy with implants, this procedure could be for you. It’s critical to choose the method of breast enhancement that will work best with your body. The best first step is to consult with a reputable plastic surgeon. He or she will walk you through the risks and benefits, as well as your ideal size, shape and form, helping you decide not only which procedure is best for you, but if it is at all. Regret after the fact will leave you with a breast reduction surgery cost that will be a tough pill to swallow, so it’s best to be as informed as possible at the onset of your decision making process by advisement by a physician.