Ears Pinned Back – What To Do After Surgery?

Ears Pinned BackThe medical practice, or sometimes considered “art” of ear augmentation or “pinning” dates back centuries. It’s still readily practiced today and is an extremely common practice amongst otoplasty surgeons. If you are willing to stomach the sometimes high ear pinning surgery cost, then you can change the look and even shape of your ears with ear pinning surgery.

Having the ears pinned back is common in both children and adults. It’s normally used to correct ears that protrude abundantly from the head but is also sometimes used to correct ear deformities. Having your ears pinned back takes around an hour per ear, and most people go home the very same day.

After surgery, while your pain is normally easily managed via pain medication prescribed by your doctor and care and comfort techniques such as keeping the head elevated and refraining from shampoo use for the first week, you will most likely not be spending a lot of time outside of your house. For the first few days following having your ears pinned back, you will likely be sporting some pretty big bandages, so find some good movies and grab some popcorn and settle in for the long haul. After the removal of your bandages, the next phase of recovery following having your ears pinned back is to don a wrap or other type of headband for 2-4 weeks. While you can accessorize to the best of your abilities with these bad boys, they may put a half month damper on your social life.

Your physical activity will likely be restricted for the few weeks following your procedure to minimize the risk of damage to the ear, and you will have to take additional precautions to ensure the most rapid healing possible and the least amount of discomfort that is possible during your recovery process. Not lying on either side following your ear manipulation can decrease throbbing and discomfort. Additionally, keeping the head elevated has been associated with helping to manage pain throughout the first few days.

With such a commonplace medical procedure, you will likely feel like your old self in no time, but it’s still important to be on the lookout for potential complications that could result from your ear pinning. If any part of your healing seems abnormal, or you experience more pain than you feel is reasonable, make sure to reach out to your doctor immediately to ensure that you are not having complications.