Different Types of Breast Implants

Different Types Of Breast ImplantsIf you are considering breast augmentation, be prepared to do a ton of research, oh yeah, and spend a lot of money too. For some, the risk and cost of this common surgery are for medical purposes; perhaps a mastectomy or disease left disfigurement. For others, a desire to look more shapely or luscious is the driving force behind the decision. No matter why you are considering it, knowing about the different types of breast implants available to you is crucial in helping you make some very important decisions. This will ensure that you don’t end up with triple H’s like many adult industry stars who rushed to get string breast implants before their banning in 2001, or dissatisfied from an unnatural appearance from teardrop breast implants, or an unflattering profile.

Saline breast implants became popular during the 1990’s when gel breast implants, the original breast filler-upper, became a wee bit harder to get a hold of due to importing issues. As such, a rise in use resulted. One of the positive end results of using this type of booby poofer is that the prosthetic is inserted into the breast first and then filled with saline. Insertion via this method yields smaller scars. However, of all the different types of breast implants, this type of device is more prone to rippling and wrinkling, so it’s possible that the risk of looking big but shrively is a little higher with this type.

Silicone breast implants, the old standby since 1963, have come a long way in terms of safety and asthetics. Filled with a semi-solid gel, they can provide a natural looking and feeling breast. Of all the different types of breast implants, they are usually recommended for their lower risk.

Beyond the actual composition of your chest enhancer, you will also have to decide if you want a round implant or a natural shaped implant. This will depend on how important it is to you that your breasts look natural. The shape you choose will depend if you’re trying to fill a spot at the Playboy Mansion or attempting to nicely fill out a sweater from JCPenny’s. The choices don’t stop there. Once you pick your composition and shape, you have to pick your profile. Profile isn’t just about size, and it’s critical for all the different types of breast implants. You will need to decide if your selected goo boob will not only expand the size of your ta-tas, but also the size of your chest, as in how far those things are going to veer wide.

There are so many choices when deciding if breast implants are right for you and which kind. No matter why you are considering them, it’s important that you first speak to a qualified physician. He or she will talk to you about the associated risks involved, along with why you are considering them. This helpful consideration and counseling will help you make the best decisions for your body.