Cinnamon And Diabetes Control And Prevention

Cinnamon And DiabetesThere is a proven link between cinnamon and diabetes prevention and control. Scientific studies have been conducted which show that cinnamon is highly effective at controlling blood sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. The connection between cinnamon and blood sugar levels was shown in a study performed by the US Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland, and numerous other studies back up the research data. Methylhydroxy chalcone polymer, also called MCHP, is a compound found in cinnamon that acts the same way as insulin does in the body. The use of cinnamon and diabetes treatment has advanced because of the findings concerning this spice.

Cinnamon bark contains many antioxidants and other compounds that can help in blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity. The extract of the spice is stronger, and can provide even more health benefits. The relation between cinnamon and diabetes control and prevention is due to the active ingredients in this spice. Cinnamon contains polyphenols which increase the amount of certain key proteins in the body. These specific proteins are used by the body for the inflammatory response, insulin signaling, and the transportation of glucose through the cells, tissues, and bloodstream. The cinnamon extract benefits from the polyphenols contained are numerous.

Cinnamon and diabetes control has a long history, and part of the reason why this spice is so effective is the proanthocyanidin it contains. This is one of the insulin like compounds which help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. Research into possible medications that use the compounds found in cinnamon is being conducted, but many believe that the natural form of this spice is the ideal treatment.
Cinnamon capsules which are standardized can be one way to get the benefits of cinnamon without having to consume large quantities of the spice on a daily basis.