Breast Lift Scars – How To Get Them Removed?

Breast Lift ScarsSo you thought that having a breast lift wasn’t going to come with a few, minor fine print notices, and you have been left with some unsightly scars, eh? Well, don’t get too excited. As with any scar, there is no quick fix for boobie boo boos. However, given the commonplace nature of breast augmentation, along with mastopexy with implants, this common problem has created a large marketplace of solutions. Be advised though, breast lift scars are as permanent as any others you have anywhere on your dermis, and those associated with breast reduction and lift surgeries are no different.

Breast lift scars are unique in that luckily they are often smaller and less noticeable than other major surgical markings. Breast reduction scars for instance, can often be hidden in folds and creases making them almost invisible. Breast lift scars are similar to this in that they can occur in places that make them less noticeable. This makes their removal less of a priority, however that may not be enough to make you happy, and you may be seeking a solution to this less desirable of the side effects of breast implants.

While some people swear by laser scar removal, most doctors agree that it won’t get you very far. However, there are products available including gels and creams that might help reduce the look of your “evidence”. Products such as Wound-Be-Gone and Kelo-Cote are pricy, but well reviewed with regards their ability to reduce the look of breast lift scars. If you’re convinced that topicals aren’t for you, there is such a thing as scar reduction silicone sheets. These are recommended for breast lift scars as they seem to be more effective at reducing the appearance of your surgery remnants.

Scars are an unfortunate side effect of any surgery, and those involving our womanly mounds are no exception. When it comes to dealing with the after effects of your procedure, remember that early treatment is likely to be more successful than attempting to reduce the appearance of decade old scars, and consulting with your doctor post-op about your concerns for permanent skin surface markings is key to combating them in the long run.