Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement – Benefits, Cost and Risks!

Breast Implant Removal Without ReplacementSo you are one of the estimated 40,000 women per year that are considering breast implant removal without replacement. Perhaps you have a medical condition such as a cancer diagnosis that is making you undergo this procedure. Maybe you went breast implants Miami style and realized that buying your whole wardrobe from Fredrick’s of Hollywood is a bigger chore than you anticipated. Whether you are trying to offload a pair of 450cc breast implants for aesthetic reasons or because of a health condition, it’s important to understand the benefits, cost and risks associated with this procedure.

Breast implant removal without replacement can yield some side effects that differ from women who are trading in a pair of D’s for a bigger pair of adult star 800cc breast implants. The reason is simple. That pillow filled a space in your breast. Removing that gelatinous poof is going to leave a cavity. If you’re refilling that cavity; no worries. If you’re not, you are going to have some sagging and possibly loose skin. Over time, that void will seal itself up, but it’s important to wear supportive garments and those that encourage compression to expedite this process.

Ranging from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00, breast implant removal without replacement surgery is expensive, but not without benefit. Removing the implant removes all risk of leaking and other side effects associated with having implants. Since implants are rarely a onetime expense, having them removed will likely be cost effective in the long term. Additionally, the removal of these boob enhancers is often covered by insurance, if there is a medical necessity to do so.

Don’t forget about the psychological side effects of breast implant removal without replacement. Everything is bigger in Texas, and if you went breast implants Houston style, and are now left with a saggy pair of A’s, it may take a toll on your mental well being for awhile. Don’t fret however, because if everything doesn’t correct itself on its own in time, a breast lift is still a viable option for correction.

If you’re considering having your updo undone, talk to a reputable surgeon about the risks associated, along with any questions you have about recovery. Being prepared both mentally and physically for the removal of your puffy pillows is your best offense to a successful surgery, and positive outlook following the procedure.