Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor Review: Top 10 Choices!

best home blood pressure monitorOne of the most important tips to lower blood pressure is to know your enemy, and if you have hypertension, it’s likely that your doctor will recommend that you monitor your blood pressure at home. There are many options available to you in various designs and types making it a guarantee

that you will find the best home blood pressure monitor for you depending on your specific needs. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten picks for the best blood pressure monitor for you to consider!

1. Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit: Convenience doesn’t get any more pronounced for monitoring hypertension than in the form of this pick for the best wrist blood pressure monitor, an offering from Omron. Featuring heart guide technology and a two user mode, the features included in this portable monitor are almost endless. Priced at around sixty dollars, it’s also an affordable option for measuring blood pressure on the go!

2. Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: Omron blood pressure monitors are some of the most popular amongst users and it’s because of their affordability, reliability and unique features. This conventional electronic monitor offers a double check feature to minimize inaccurate readings and it also features a sensor that tells you when the cuff has been properly applied making the margin for error significantly smaller than in other devices.

3. Panasonic Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: Featuring the convenience of portability thanks to its smaller and sleeker design but still employing the use of an accurate cuff for proper sensing, if you’re looking for the best home blood pressure monitor that also can double as an on the go device that will neatly fit into a purse or luggage, then this forty dollar pick is for you!

4. Panasonic Cuffless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: Anyone who is familiar with the free standing blood pressure monitors that don drugstore aisles will be able to identify the design concept behind this pick for the best home blood pressure monitor sans cuff. Eliminating the risk of misapplying the measuring cuff and offering easy reading options, this monitor boasts many desirable features. It’s pricey though, and you’ll be out around a hundred dollars for this offering from Panasonic.

5. Ihealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System: The technologically savvy will appreciate this offering designed to incorporate the use of your iphone or ipad for monitoring and recording. This will provide long term trends and allow you to have quick reference of your changing BP levels anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. You can even take your readings to the doctor’s office!

6. Microlife Ultimate Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System: This Microlife blood pressure monitor features an irregular heartbeat detector as well as being an effective way to measure blood pressure at home. It also provides averages that will help you identify trends that can be useful for managing your condition.

7. Prestige Medical Professional Blood Pressure Set: Go old school with this kit that will cost you just ten dollars. Medical professionals agree that manual measurements can be the best home blood pressure monitor method for accuracy, and learning how to do it yourself is easy!

8. Veridan Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: Clinically accurate and easy to use, this product from Veridan requires manual inflation but deflates automatically. It stores the last 60 readings which can make keeping a history of your monitoring easy.

9. Medron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: Boasting a bigger LCD screen for those who have difficulty making out all the tiny numbers on some monitors, this product from Medron uses FDA Approved Hypersense technology and computer integration to keep track of and understand your hypertension.

10. Lumiscope Blood Pressure and Stethoscope Kit: Still arguably the best home blood pressure monitor option, doing it yourself with this twenty dollar option from Lumiscope is safe, accurate and reliable. It also comes in colors if you want to accessorize your monitoring activites.