Benefits of Lemon Tea: Detoxifier, Antiseptic and More

benefits of lemon teaTea is quite possibly one of the oldest beverages on Earth. Brewed from tea leaves mixed with various herbs and seasonings, tea is a great hydration option that can help you limit sodas and sugary drinks. But, help with abstinence from no-no beverages is just one of the many benefits of lemon tea,

and you might be surprised about all of the wonderful ways that this traditional drink can benefit your body. Essentially, every part of the lemon can typically be used in some way. And, all the parts have different flavors to please a whole variety of palettes; however the juice is where most of the health benefits of lemon lay. Serving as an antiseptic, detoxification agent and as an antiseptic, you’ll likely be amazed at all of the benefits of lemon tea!

The tangy taste of lemons goes well against naturally sweet tea, and within this tang is one of the most interesting facts about lemons, and that is their antiseptic properties. Being able to help keep the body’s attackers under control, serve as a mouthwash and many other interesting applications all are fascinating properties of lemons. Adding them to your fresh brewed tea can pass these antiseptic properties on to you in a very delicious way. Lemon nutrition facts will also have you adding perhaps a bit more to your tea. Chock full of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals, lemons are a healthy addition to tea, which can already be a very healthful drink. This means that the benefits of lemon tea from a nutrition standpoint can really be two fold by combining the healthy parts of both pieces.

Another area where the benefits of lemon tea have been raved about is for their use in detoxification. While there is a substantial amount of debate concerning the use of body cleansers, even those that are natural, there is little debate about one of the more interesting benefits of lemon tea and that is its diuretic abilities. This can be useful for people who are trying to detoxify their bodies and shed unwanted water weight, however, bear in mind that most of these plans end up unsuccessfully and more than likely, any weight actually lost on a detoxification diet will most often return.

Don’t forget about the basic benefits of both tea and lemon and that is simply their taste and their use in culinary applications. Lemon peel benefits may be minimal in your beverages, but zesting it over entrees and desserts is certainly a healthful garnish. Pure lemon extract can be used in various types of dishes and baked goods and can add a healthy layer of flavor to almost any dish.

There are many benefits of lemon tea that can help add some zest to your life and even if you choose not to take advantage of the antiseptic, detoxification and nutritional benefits of both lemon and tea, the taste alone is enough to feel like a huge healthful benefit.