Benefits of Kava Root Tea For Anxienty and Insomnia

kava root teaAre you looking to relax and unwind and find that your favorite hot, brewed beverages produce the opposite effect? Well, perhaps you need to look at the roots of a perennial plant indigenous to tropical islands like Fiji, Hawaii and Samoa.

Kava, and more specifically it’s potent root, has been used on South Pacific islands for centuries for a whole variety of ails because of its kavalactones, the active compounds that make kava kava root such a popular native remedy. While the inhabitants of these lush lands have little problem crafting remedies from the raw root of the plant with little more than a dead piece of coral, the rest of the world is more likely to use a more processed formulation such as kava root tea.

It’s probably best that if you choose to use products derived from kava that you do so in a tea as the fresh and raw form is actually rather potent, and, reportedly less than tasty. There are many manufacturers that offer kava root tea, and some come in blends to add flavor or other benefits and more palatable flavors. Most are stress relief products or those designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. This is because of the kava root benefits obtained from drinking the tea. People who are stressed and over anxious have reportedly found more patience and mental clarity when using it. Kava root tea is so relaxing in fact, that it’s not unusual for it to be useful for people suffering from insomnia or those having tremendous difficulty sleeping. By relaxing tense muscles and inducing calmness, the users of either the drink or a kava supplement can find that longer periods of more restful sleep can be had without medications in some cases. While all users may experience varying levels of sedation when using kava root tea, the overall effects of the potentially natural narcoleptic are those of a soothing and tranquil nature, and the intensity of these effects can vary based on your selected kava kava dosage and frequency of use. Exhibiting similar effects to common medications like muscle relaxers, anticonvulsants and anesthetics, some people find that relieving their mental stresses or sleep disturbances are more easily and effectively managed with a simple cup of kava root tea.

Kava is potent, and as such you won’t have to worry about it being a false natural remedy or ineffective product. But, there are some downsides to the effectiveness of kava root tea. There are drug interactions that have been reported in over the counter and prescription medication. And, its potency can certainly yield a potential for addiction and misuse and overuse. Its euphoric properties can be quite desirable repetitively and some users compare it to the feeling achieved with alcohol or nerve pill usage. Kava kava side effects are typically mild but more adverse effects such as a long lasting skin rash and even liver damage have been reported.

If you are considering kava root tea to help combat your sleeplessness and stress level, make sure that you talk to your health care provider before doing so. While a very effective, natural remedy, there are interactions and side effects that you should be aware of and discuss with your healthcare provider to ensure that your experience with kava is a safe and healthy one.