Atkins Diet Induction Food List – What To Include?

Atkins Diet Induction Food ListAtkins diet meal plan follows four phases and the first phase is called the induction. Atkins diet induction food list is very specific and designed to jump start weight loss by fascinating your body’s energy mechanism to switch from carbs burning to fat burning.

Atkins diet induction phase has strict rules and requires your carbs intake to be no more than 20grams of net crabs (total carb content minus fiber content) per day.

You can find Atkins diet induction food list on official Atkins website. It is specified that you include only the foods listed for the phase. Atkins diet foods include rich foods like eggs, beef, fatty fish, oysters, most cheeses (except for cottage and ricotta). It is specified that you don’t have to trim of the fat or remove the skin from your meats. Oils and butter should be included in the diet but not more than a table spoon. This low sugar low carb diet requires you to consume 12-15 grams of net carbs/ day from vegetables listed for induction phase. It is better to include low carb high fiber vegetables to decrease you net carb count. This way you can eat more vegetables that can provide you with vitamins and minerals. Iron-free multi-vitamin supplement should be included.

Homemade sauces and salad dressing are encouraged as store bought products will have added sugars. Beverages like decaffeinated or regular coffee and teas (no more than 2 cups a day), herbal teas, sodas (diet or club – check for carb count so that you cab still stay below 20 grams/day) can be included in Atkins diet induction food list.

Include Atkins induction bars/ shakes and gelatin free deserts for satisfying sweet tooth. It is better to include natural sweetener like Stevia but specified artificial sweeteners such as Splenda can also be included. Even though Atkins diet is a restrictive diet due to the high amount of protein and fats included in the Atkins diet induction food list, you might experience less hunger at your meals. It is advised that you eat low-carb Atkins diet snacks during meal time if you don’t feel hungry.