Abdominal Liposuction Cost and Recovery Time

Abdominal LiposuctionWhen it comes to abdominal liposuction, the two factors that unfortunately will vary the most are cost and recovery time. The factors that determine the outcome of these two things are hugely changeable, and whether you are planning on hitting the best laser liposuction NYC surgeon, or bargain shopping for a newbie cosmetic firm in the Midwest for a liposuction laser treatment, you are going to see big swings in both the weight of your wallet, and the time you’re home from work.

Beginning with cost, abdominal liposuction is going to put a hurting on your rainy day funds no matter who does your procedure or where. Even though the total cost varies, it varies from expensive to extremely expensive. You can expect to pay between $3000 and $10000 for your procedure. This is going to include your anesthesia, facility fees, doctor’s fees, and post operative care and garments. Remember that when factoring your stomach liposuction cost, cheaper isn’t always better as quality work is less likely to require subsequent or repair based procedures.

When it comes to recovery, abdominal liposuction is all over the place. Your individual recovery will vary based on a few things. For instance, how much fat are you having removed? Enough to fit into your skinny jeans or enough to have to go wardrobe shopping? The discomfort associated with stomach liposuction seems to correlate with the amount of removed sludge. In addition, some abdominal liposuction procedures are done without general anesthesia, and recipients of these tend to recover slightly quicker due to fewer complications that general anesthesia can trigger by itself. The size of the tube or cannula is also important. The trend seems to be that the smaller the tubes, the less post op pain meaning you are back to being yourself sooner. On average, however, you can plan on 6-8 days of general recovery, and up to 12 weeks of swelling and firmness after abdominal liposuction. It’s important to maintain proper physical activity during all phases of recovery, and while you might not be back at work right away, you won’t be lying in bed all day either.